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NYT: Emmanuel Macron Heads to White House to Lobby Trump on Iran

Mon, 23 Apr 2018 16:55:55 GMT
 Feed: NYT | Search phrase: iran |
President Emmanuel Macron of France and President Trump during a news conference in Paris last July.

CNN Top Stories: Despite Trump's theatrics, the Iran deal can be saved

Fri, 13 Apr 2018 13:32:12 GMT
 Feed: CNN Top Stories | Search phrase: iran |
In the theatrical style of a capricious reality-TV host, US President Donald Trump has been building up suspense over an American withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal.

CNN Top Stories: Trump under pressure to stand by Iran nuclear deal

Mon, 23 Apr 2018 13:21:16 GMT
 Feed: CNN Top Stories | Search phrase: iran |
Russia joined a chorus of voices Monday urging US President Donald Trump to stand by the Iran nuclear deal, as Tehran sent a stern warning that it was an "all or nothing" situation.

The Guardian: Macron to put 'Trump whisperer' skills to test on state visit

Mon, 23 Apr 2018 06:00:03 GMT
 Feed: The Guardian | Search phrase: iran |
The stakes are high for Macron's upcoming state visit, but Elysée officials say the trip aims to cement an "˜intense, close relationship' They call him the Trump whisperer. France's President Emmanuel Macron – who believes his diplomacy, persuasion and personal charm can sway the thinking of his US counterpart, Donald Trump – arrives in Washington on Monday for the deeply symbolic first state visit by a foreign leader since Trump came to power.The stakes are high, with Macron expected to raise future plans on Syria after the recent joint missile strikes, as well as France's determination to preserve the Iran nuclear deal which Trump wants to quit.

CNN Top Stories: Iran warns Trump: Leaving nuclear deal 'wont be very pleasant'

Sun, 22 Apr 2018 16:51:35 GMT
 Feed: CNN Top Stories | Search phrase: iran |
Iran's foreign minister warned that President Donald Trump's threats to pull out of the Iran nuclear agreement send a "very dangerous message" about the wisdom of negotiating a deal with the United States.

The Guardian: Macron begins Trump charm offensive with Fox News interview

Sun, 22 Apr 2018 16:46:30 GMT
 Feed: The Guardian | Search phrase: iran |
French leader set for state visit to Washington from MondayMacron seeks to stop US withdrawals from Syria and Iran dealTouting "a very strong personal relation" with Donald Trump, the French president, Emmanuel Macron, on Sunday began an ambitious charm offensive intended to strengthen US commitments in Syria and Iran while heading off threats of a transatlantic trade war.Prior to his departure for an official state visit to Washington, Macron likened himself to Trump in an interview with Fox News Sunday, a venue with a wide following among Trump supporters and likely to be watched by the president himself. Continue reading...

BBC World: Iran nuclear deal: Macron urges Trump to stick with 2015 accord

Sun, 22 Apr 2018 15:44:45 GMT
 Feed: BBC World | Search phrase: iran |
The French leader says there are no other options for the nuclear deal, which Mr Trump opposes.

The Guardian: Israel celebrates but is war with Iran looming?

Sun, 22 Apr 2018 05:59:13 GMT
 Feed: The Guardian | Search phrase: iran |
Israelis enjoyed a lavish party last week to mark the nation's seven eventful decades, but the threat to its existence could hardly have been greaterThere were fireworks, concerts, torch processions and parties throughout the country. In Jerusalem the night sky was illuminated by 300 drones that coalesced to form images of favourite Israeli symbols, such as the national flag and a dove with an olive branch in its mouth. The celebrations included a live, televised retelling of Jewish history dating to biblical times. In one scene children with yellow stars pinned to their clothes fled marching Nazi soldiers. Another showed pioneers building the fledgling Jewish state.

The Guardian: 'It will not be very pleasant,' Iran warns, if Trump sabotages nuclear deal

Sun, 22 Apr 2018 04:01:36 GMT
 Feed: The Guardian | Search phrase: iran |
Foreign minister indicates Tehran could go back to enriching uranium if US president tries to add new conditions to groundbreaking agreementIran's top diplomat has issued a stark warning to Donald Trump that if he follows through on his threat to scrap the 2015 nuclear agreement in three weeks' time he will have to "face the consequences" that will not be "pleasant" for the United States.Iran's foreign minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, painted a bleak picture of the prospects for survival of the nuclear deal, which Trump has threatened to tear up on 12 May by refusing to waive a set of sanctions – a move that is integral to the agreement.

CNN Top Stories: Iran official slams woman's treatment by 'morality police'

Fri, 20 Apr 2018 17:45:25 GMT
 Feed: CNN Top Stories | Search phrase: iran |

The Guardian: Iran warns Israeli bases are within reach as pair lock horns over Syria

Fri, 20 Apr 2018 15:42:31 GMT
 Feed: The Guardian | Search phrase: iran |
Senior military officer says Zionists would be annihilated if Iran came under attackIran has said it is prepared to wipe out "Zionists" in the event of a war with Israel, as mutual hostility deepened amid escalating tensions over Syria. Hossein Salami, the deputy commander of Iran's elite Revolutionary Guards, reacting to earlier comments by Israel's prime minister, Benjamin Netanhayu, said on Friday: "If any war happens, it will definitely be followed by your annihilation." Continue reading...

CNN Top Stories: European lawmakers implore US to save Iran deal

Thu, 19 Apr 2018 16:16:57 GMT
 Feed: CNN Top Stories | Search phrase: iran |
Hundreds of lawmakers in Germany, France and the UK wrote an open letter to the US Congress asking it to back the Iran nuclear deal, despite US President Donald Trump's threat to terminate the agreement next month.

The Guardian: Video of Iran 'morality police' wrestling with woman sparks outrage

Thu, 19 Apr 2018 16:39:13 GMT
 Feed: The Guardian | Search phrase: iran |
Female officer shown slapping woman and wrestling her to floor because her hijab was looseShocking video footage of a young Iranian woman being wrestled to the floor by so-called morality police because her hijab was loose has sparked outrage after it was posted online.The footage shows members of the special taskforce tackling the woman, believed to be in her mid-20s, in Tehran. Under Iranian law, it is compulsory for women to cover themselves from head to toe in public, but many defy the boundaries by wearing loose hijab that shows their hair. Continue reading...

BBC World: Iran arrests official after youths dance at shopping centre concert

Thu, 19 Apr 2018 16:30:13 GMT
 Feed: BBC World | Search phrase: iran |
The head of Mashhad's Islamic guidance department had authorised a concert at a shopping centre.

The Guardian: MPs from UK, France and Germany urge US not to scrap Iran deal

Thu, 19 Apr 2018 13:13:31 GMT
 Feed: The Guardian | Search phrase: iran |
Joint statement published in Guardian calls for rethink ahead of 12 May deadline set by TrumpAn open letter to the US Congress: don't let Trump rip up the Iran dealMore than 500 parliamentarians from France, Germany and the UK havewritten to their US counterparts urging them to persuade DonaldTrump not to abandon the Iran nuclear deal.In a joint statement published in the Guardian, Der Spiegel, the New York Times and Le Monde, they urged a White House rethink ahead of the 12 May deadline set by Trump to pull out of the deal, known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), unless Europe can come up with a new policy that will meet his concerns. Continue reading...

The Guardian: An open letter to the US Congress: don't let Trump rip up the Iran deal | Richard Bacon, Omid Nouripour and Delphine O

Thu, 19 Apr 2018 10:37:06 GMT
 Feed: The Guardian | Search phrase: iran |
It was a major breakthrough, drastically reducing the risk of a nuclear arms race. Abandoning it now will do lasting damage - Signed by parliamentarians from Britain, Germany and FranceFor more than a decade, we – Europeans, Americans, and the international community – have feared the imminent threat of a nuclear-armed Iran. To counter this threat and make the Middle East a safer place, the international community came together, using the might of diplomatic negotiations and the force of sanctions, agreed by most of the major economic powers.

NYT: Pressed by Hard-Liners, U.S.-Trained Environmentalist Quits Post in Iran

Wed, 18 Apr 2018 18:27:06 GMT
 Feed: NYT | Search phrase: iran |
Kaveh Madani

The Guardian: High court upholds government's controversial fast-track refugee process

Wed, 18 Apr 2018 02:58:08 GMT
 Feed: The Guardian | Search phrase: iran |
Iranian man fails in bid to overturn fast-track refugee determination for boat arrivals before 2014 - Sign up to receive the top stories in Australia every day at noon The high court has upheld the Australian government's controversial fast-track refugee assessment process after finding that a new body set up to review the claims of people who arrived by boat does not have to adhere to all the requirements of the Migration Act.The decision is based on an application by an Iranian man who was denied a temporary protection visa in 2016 after his application was reviewed by the Immigration Assessment Authority (IAA), a fast-track body established to review the cases of "unauthorised maritime arrivals" who entered Australia between 13 August 2012, and 1 January 2014. Continue reading...

The Guardian: Paolo and Vittorio Taviani, the radical brothers who electrified Italian cinema

Mon, 16 Apr 2018 12:38:19 GMT
 Feed: The Guardian | Search phrase: iran |
From Palme d'Or-winner Padre Padrone to adaptations of Tolstoy and Pirandello, the Tavianis challenged convention and upended clicheItalian film director Vittorio Taviani dies aged 88Vittorio Taviani, together with his brother Paolo who now survives him, pursued a vocation of cinema that was deeply bound up with the Italian landscape: the hills of Tuscany where the brothers were born, and those of Sicily and Sardinia. The lush countryside is a vital and sensuous presence in the Tavianis' work, and yet it is unsentimentally also seen as the site of cruel agricultural labour and even as a kind of prison.


Democratic Underground, eller DU for kort, er nettets heftigste sted om du er interessert i amerikansk liberalistisk politikk. Med mer enn hundre tusen registrerte brukere og over 30 millioner postinger er det et av de mest populære forum på det amerikanske kontinent, og debatten holder høy kvalitet ettersom snittalderen på medlemmene er over 35 år. DU Wiki

Informed Comment - Juan Cole
Juan Cole er professor i historie og leder for Global Americana Institute.
Han kommenterer hendelsene i Midt-Østen i sin blogg, som har blitt et vanningshull for newsjunkies over hele verden.

Alternet - Larisa Alexandrovna
Hun driver nyhetsstedet Raw Story og blogger på, og har et eget blogsted på Hun deltar også i debatten på Democratic Underground som lala_rawraw.
NYTT: at-Largely er nominert til Best Political Coverage i Blog Awards.

Bradblog - Brad Friedman
Brad Firedman blogger om valgfusk og overgrep mot borgerrettighetene i USA. En skarp og gravende blogger det er verdt å få med seg.

Eschaton (Atrios) - Duncan Bowen Black
Atrios er en av de mest kjente bloggerne 'over there', og har mer enn 100.000 daglige treff. Han er tidligere kommentator på Air America radio, og er tilknyttet Media Matters Institute siden 2005.

H2O Man - Patrick O'Waterman
H2O Man poster også på Democratic Underground.

Rigorous Intuition - Jeff Wells
Jeff Wells er av få som kan skrive intelligent om temaer som UFOs, HAARP og andre 'konspirasjonsteorier' uten å ha det konspiratoriske verdensbilde som utgangspunkt. Han graver uansett tema, og kommer med mange kloke betraktninger.
Han poster på DU under nick Minstrel Boy.

Wake Up Call
Krigsveteraner fra østkysten i USA driver denne bloggen, som inneholder tanker om krig og USAs rolle i verdenspolitikken. Flere av disse er med i den ambulerende fredskampanjen Eyes Wide Open.

Lukery blogger mest om Sibel Edmonds, og er en person i kretsen rundt henne. Bloggen er vel verdt å ta en kikk på.

Organized Rage
Organized Rage er en EU-relatert anglo-irsk blogg som skriver om livet fra arbeiderklassens perspektiv.

(Alt stoff fra NIFS kan fritt siteres, men det er fint om du tar med en link til oss)