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Pictures from Camp Casey 2007
Here's some pictures from Camp Casey 2007; Cindy Sheehan celebrating her birthday and handing over the place to the new owner.
Published: 07.07 - 2007 19:11 
From Wikipedia:
Cindy Lee Miller Sheehan (born July 10, 1957) is an American anti-war activist, whose son, Casey Sheehan, was killed during his service in the Iraq War on April 4, 2004, aged 24. She attracted international attention in August 2005 for her extended demonstration at a peace camp outside President George W. Bush's Texas ranch garnering her both support and criticism. In May 2007, Sheehan officially ended her involvement as an anti-war activist, saying "I am going to go home and be a mother to my surviving children and try to regain some of what I have lost." However, in early July of 2007, in the wake of President Bush's reduction of the sentence of Scooter Libby, Sheehan changed her mind.

Bush's new neighbor is another anti-war momFrom Houston Chronicle:
"California radio host buys Camp Casey from peace activist Sheehan

San Antonio Express-News

CRAWFORD President Bush's newest part-time Texas neighbor is a glamorous California radio talk-show host who's smart, sassy and no fan of the nation's top officeholder. Anti-war activist Bree Walker became the new owner this week of Camp Casey, the five-acre patch of land near Bush's ranch that has become a gathering place for peace activists the world over.

Walker, 54, who once worked as a news anchor in New York and San Diego, knows full well she overpaid for the roadside property she purchased from Cindy Sheehan, the even better-known California activist mom. But touring the muddy land for the first time Friday, Walker showed no sign of buyer's remorse.

"It's hallowed ground," Walker said, referring to the tiny white crosses near the entrance that are a memorial to fallen U.S. service members and to Camp Casey's role in building opposition to the war in Iraq."





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Peace demonstrations in the US October 26-28 2007
29.10 - 2007


Large number of US citizens demonstrated against the war in Iraq (and the possible war in Iran) during this October weekend. Massive turnout in Boston and San Fransisco, and also in Chicago, LA and DC people took to the streets.
The message was: NO more war in Iraq! NO to a war with Iran!